Extracts from my father’s diary (2)


It is perhaps worth while trying to analyse these moments of supreme value.  Therefore I will first list a number as they come into my mind and then analyse what they have in common.  Together with noting what does not come in this list

1     Sculling in the sun at Eton. (note not at Oxford)

2 Winning the Ladies Plate at Eton.

3 Shooting in the early morning at Folly Mill.

4 Autumn mornings particularly the ones in which ones breath can be seen.
Winter fires and the list tails off: I leave out childhood ones, they are too bound up with sentiment; and no recent ones have yet gathered real force.  But the start of the recent list seems to be something like

5 High Mass, always especially the Credo.

6 Driving back to Oxford at 6.A.M.

7 Certain mornings in G- St. but again I am not sure of that
The Chartreusian monastery & certain things of beauty in the sun, but always the detail never the whole.

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