Counter Olympics Network: a calendar of events


As far as I know, these are the main alternative Olympics events taking place over the next two months:

26 May 2pm Save Leyton Marsh DEMO for more details contact

31 May 7pm STOP THE OLYMPIC MISSILES PUBLIC MEETING Bow Road Methodist Church, 1 Merchant Street, E3 4LY Do we want missiles in our communities?’ speakers: Councillor Rania Khan, Bow Quarter Resident Brian Whelan, TH NUT Alex Kenny STW’s Chris Nineham

2 June 2pm Save Leyton Marsh Gathering on the Marsh. Protest the corruption, incompetence, and loss of this precious open space

7 June 10-3pm No to G4S: Stop G4S! Protest at G4S Annual General Meeting -London Stock Exchange, Paternoster Square EC4M 7LS Bring banners, drums, pans, and anything else you can make noise with!

9 June, Greenwich CND demonstration from Blackheath to Oxleas Woods, against Rapier missiles

10 June 2pm WANSTEAD FLATS PICNIC Save Wanstead Flats invites everyone to a community picnic on the planned site of the operations base


7 July 12-5pm FATTYLIMPICS Accessible to people with all kinds of bodies and abilities

28 July 12 noon Mass Mobilisation NO LIMOS NO LOGOS Counter Olympics Network demonstration, location to be announced

If anyone can add to this list, please just post in the comments

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