17 June: still time to sign up


I’ve had half a dozen runners, of (I think) possibly quite differing standards, offer to join me this Saturday running the Green London Way (route above in green) from Cambridge Heath to Stratford. To recap, for anyone who missed my original post: Bob Gilbert’s book The Green London Way has been in print for 20 years. It contains a series of walking routes around the edges of London (or at least around the edges of zones 2 and 3), taking in rivers, canal and tow-paths, abandoned railway lines, urban footpaths, parks and common land. It is a Green and Red guide to London’s history, taking in urban riots, protests for public access to the land, polluters, strikes, etc.

The idea of running this stretch of The Green London Way was suggested to me by Mark Perryman, a fellow runner, the founder of Philosophy Football, and a contributor to this blog. On Friday July 27, while the Olympic nobs are attending the Games’ opening ceremony, Mark is organising an Alternative Olympic Party at the Rich Mix in Bethnal Green. A poet, a singer and a photographer have already walked the above route. Mark has invited me to run it myself and report what I see. I am particularly looking forward to getting a sense for myself of how much of the Olympic Park is still open to the public (the answer may well be not much).

I will be starting at 3pm on 17 June at Cambridge Heath station. Expect four miles or so of urban London at a gentle pace (c9-10 minutes per mile) depending on who joins in. Dear reader; would you care to join me?

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