I run; my weight rises


When I ran, my weight was always just a little over 10 stone. Within five years of stopping, my weight had settled at thirteen stone, where it then remained for most of the next two decades. Eighteen months ago, on starting my present job, my weight began to fall, and in the first six months I lost an entire stone. I am a barrister now, the hours are long. I work at a high intensity. I am often instructed at short notice and work late. There is no time to think about food. Since starting my weight has stabilised at twelve stone.

For most of the past eighteen months, my weight has been very steady: through Christmas mornings too cold to walk to work, and through bright summer days, when I have walked and I have been eating less.

On my resumption of running, and as it has started to become a habit again, my weight has begun to mount upwards. I watch the scales warily. My metabolism is working faster, I am sure, and I drink more water. Maybe I am adding muscle, I certainly hope that my legs are regaining muscle definition. Perhaps, I am also eating more.

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