Lives; Running – seeking reviewers


I received a message from my publishers Zero Books on Monday indicating that the hard copies of Lives; Running are now in their warehouse. As I’ve indicated before, the book can also be pre-ordered, either from Bookmarks bookshop (which actively promotes radical books) or from Amazon (which doesn’t). This is the stage then when I’m hoping to interest friendly publications in a review. Assuming all works out, I’m hoping it will be reviewed in publications like Morning Star, Red Pepper, Socialist Review, Tribune, etc etc, as well as in the running press. (I’m not suggesting that I’ve lined these up in advance, only that they are the sorts of publications who might be interested).

If you’d like to write for publications like those, or if you have any links already to these or any other magazines or websites who might be interested, please drop me a line at davidkrenton[at] I should be able to get reviewers an electronic version this week, and hard copies pretty soon.

Here again is a post I’ve published before explaining why I wrote the book.


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