Defend the Right to Protest Meeting: the Olympics and Beyond


Tuesday 26th June, 7pm – 9pm

Harmony Hall, Truro Road, London E17 7BY

Speakers include:
Simon Moore: Campaigner and recipient of Olympic ASBO
Alfie Meadows: Student charged with violent disorder after his skull was fractured by police
Caroline Day: Save Leyton Marsh Group
Speaker from Newham Monitoring Project
Brian Richardson: Barrister & author of ‘Tell it Like it is – How Schools Fail Black Children’

The Save Leyton Marsh group has been handled by the authorities in a punitive manner. In response to a campaign whose primary ambition was to protect a popular local green space, the Olympics authorities have served 3 High Court injunctions, three
peaceful protestors and a journalist have been jailed and Simon Moore has been issued with the first “Olympic Asbo”.

This meeting will bring together those who have been protesting against the loss of Leyton Marsh with activiss from Defend the Right to Protest, which challenges the Coalition’s sustained assault on all of our rights to object.

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