Green Altius: the Met’s wargaming plans to deal with Olympic dissent


[Two weeks ago, Socialist Worker published the following letter from an unnamed Olympic insider:]

The media has highlighted the military manoeuvres around the Olympics—the missiles on blocks of flats and warship on the Thames. But people may not have heard of a “disaster exercise” that was carried out over three days in late April. It was a “large scale multi-agency exercise testing the joint approach to mitigating any risks to the Games” called Green Altius.

The exercise focused on some of our rulers’ worst nightmares. The participants in Green Altius had to imagine the Olympic Games were in fuill swing when a series of events happened. Their task was to test the resilience of emergency services.

They were told to imagine that the Games was a great success with sunny weather and huge crowds on the streets in party atmosphere. They were asked to factor in some traffic problems in London and near Weymouth in Dorset.

But they had to be aware of the Voice of the Poor (VOP), a new protest movement. VOP marches were springing up all over the country—mainly good natured but including a hard core of troublemakers called Redcon. Green Altius participants were told to imagine the Olympics had become a focus for discontent including other protest groups like Fathers for Justice and the United Cabbies Group.

What’s more a “public order incident” broke out in Coventry during an anti-war demo. Then a gang fight near the Olympic stadium in Stratford, east London, injured tourists and became headline news across the world.

As if that wasn’t enough, French intelligence warned of the New Anticapitalist Party organising a blockade of Calais against the corporate takeover of the Olympics. I can’t tell you how the exercise ended, but surely we can make our own ending in the real world.

[And I’ve chosen the picture to link to a previous article about Olympic policing]

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