Alternative Olympic Opening Ceremony Party


Friday 27 July will host a proudly unofficial night of comedy, music, art and ideas. Presented by Philosophy Football in association with the TUC and the ‘Playfair’ campaign.  With not a sponsor’s logo to be seen nor a Gold Medal to be won, enjoy the Alternative Opening Ceremony Party at one of East London’s finest arts venues, Rich Mix in Bethnal Green.

Headlined by comedy from Isy Suttie of The Peep Show joined by comic Paul Sinha exclusively performing material from his Radio 4 Show The Sinha Games.

Be amazed by the extraordinary juggling skills of Rod Laver and closing the evening the brilliant Tricity Vogue and her All-Girl Swing Band. Plus dancefloor-fillers provided by a DJ set from Melstars:Music.

The author of this blog, David Renton, will be taking part in a segment of the show introduced by environmental writer Bob Gilbert. A celebration of Stratford before and after the Olympic Park, David will be recounting a run he made through the area, accompanied by a photographic and musical account of the area too.

Opening the event a visual introduction with Martin Polley author of  The British Olympics. A debate on the Meaning of the Olympics chaired by Mark Perryman author of Why The Olympics Aren’t Good For Us, And How They Can Be  with Olympics experts David Goldblatt co-author of How To Watch the Olympics  and Alan Tomlinson co-editor of Watching the Olympics.

An unforgettable mix of ideas and entertainment on a ‘once-in-a-generation’ night. Doors open at 6pm to eat and drink, show begins at 7pm.

Tickets from or call 01273 472 721 to pre-book.

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