Counter Olympics Network organising meeting – today, SOAS, 7pm


Get Ready! Get Set! Get Involved in WHOSE GAMES? WHOSE CITY?

Counter Olympics is holding an OPEN MEETING on WEDNESDAY 11th JULY 7.00 – 9.00pm
Room G3 SOAS MAIN BUILDING, Ground floor, Thornaugh Street, WC1

As most regular readers of this blog will be well aware, on July 28, the Counter Olympics Network (CON) will be organising a protest in East London, in the general vicinity of the Games. We hope it will be an enjoyable as well as an important event, with all the main anti-Olympics groups well represented, as well as post-demo children’s events, speakers, skits, etc.

The demo is coming around fast and this evening CON is holding its final planning meeting before the 28th

Discussions will include press, police, legal observers, stewarding, networking and outreach, event organising, funding and access

All readers of this blog (except for you, Inspector Clouseau) are very welcome to attend

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