Reasons to demonstrate on July 28; number 5: the loss of green spaces


Leyton Marsh, Wanstead Flats, Greenwich Park, the towpath from Homerton to Bow … what they and countless other green spaces across London share is the taking away of common land from the 99% of Londoners who are taking no part in the Games. When it sounds like enclosure, and it feels like enclosure, you know that it is enclosure. And in common with the original model, you can tell that somebody, somewhere, is making a decent profit from the majority’s loss.

But rather than focus on what their side is doing, I though it might be more useful to consider what the most active of these campaigns – the struggle to Save Leyton Marsh – has achieved:

The most important victory has been a categorical assurance from the Olympic Development Agency that the site will be restored, post-Olympics, to something like its wild state. The reinstatement plan is clearly a flawed document, but it exists, and the IDA is following up it with further meetings. Moreover SLM aren’t going away, but have further demonstrations planned to make sure that the site is dismantled. Protest, in short, works.

Which is another good reason to be demonstrating on July 28:

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  1. This sunday, 11:30 on the River Lea Towpath in Hackney, where they’ve blocked their alleged ‘green route’, mass cycle ride, to the olympic stadium

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