Route of July 28 CON demonstration agreed with police


Wennington Green, where the CON demo ends, is where the recent Stop the Olympic missiles march began

Image courtesy of Peter Marshall,

I know there has been a lot of discussion online as to whether the CON demonstration on July 28 would be allowed by the authorities. As has previously been reported TfL originally refused us permission to march down Bow Road as it is an “alternative Olympic Route Network” or AORN (i.e. might be used, in the event of an emergency).

I’m glad to say that the Met have written to the group today, and on the face of it, haven’t merely approved the route, they also appear to have pulled rank on TfL, deciding (in effect) that subject to an emergency we will be allowed on the road – not merely the pavement – of Bow Road.

I thought it would be useful to post this online, not merely for the news of the approval but to allow anyone intending to join the CON demonstration to see in advance the route we propose to take.

Date: 19 July 2012 11:06
Subject: CON Route

Having spoken to the command team your request for Bow Road has been agreed. It has been decided that Commissioners Directions will be used which means you don’t have to apply for a Temporary Traffic Order. If for whatever reason the AORN needs to be used on the day, a decision will be made as to whether the march will go on the pavement.

Your proposed route has been approved as follows;
Mile End Park
Bow Road
Fairfield Road
Tredegar Road
St Stephen’s Road
Roman Road
Wennington Green

Let me know if I can assist further.


Lipika PAUL | Event Planner | Public Order Branch | New Scotland Yard |

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