Trying to make money from the Olympic protest movement


A week ago, a number of anti-Olympic campaigns received the following email:

From: Sales Manager
Sent: Friday, 13 July 2012, 13:41

I am contacting you because I thought that you might be interested in knowing that I am selling my domain name, since our development plans for have changed and we have opted instead to sell the domain. is very well suited for your needs and owning such a name will attract relevant people and could give you an advantage in the field.

Currently, Google shows increasing search volume for closely “olympic” related terms. Furthermore, if you add content to the website, Google will boost your ranking for this search.

I want to give the author a Dow Olympic medal for his efforts, but really – in a market where domain names retail for £25, what makes him think that protesters have the inclination (let alone the means) to pay?

It isn’t the only instance of a business keeping an eye out for opportunities raised by the Olympic protests. On the first day of the Fred Wigg tower hearing, the residents were asked where they suggested the Olympic missiles could be placed, if not in the roof of their tower block? Their answer was to suggest that a temporary scaffolding tower could be built on the nearby Wanstead Flats. Later that evening, their solicitor (the residents’ solicitor, not the MOD’s…) had a phone call from a firm of scaffolders, offering quotes as to how much the job would cost.


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