Next Anti-Olympic Poverty Torch relay – still time for runners and cyclists to sign up


(Photograph courtesy of Rikki)

After the success of last Saturday’s relay with the Vancouver Olympic Poverty torch; we’ll be gathering again on Friday at Clissold Park in Stoke Newington; assembling from 1.30pm and departing from the cafe in Clissold Park at 2pm.

Would you care to join us? We’ll be running at a forgiving pace (c10 minute per mile or so) and very deliberately as part of group.


We’ll probably cover a bit short of 5 miles in around 50 minutes or so. And we’re not just looking for runners, cyclists are very welcome too.

At the end, we’ll be at Leyton Marsh, where activists from Save Leyton Marsh promise to give us a warm welcome. You can email me at davidkrenton[at] or phone me on 07777671381 if you’d like more details.


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