The Critical Mass 182: a defence campaign


Following the violent arrests a week ago of 182 Critical Mass cyclists; there is a  a contest taking place to explain what went wrong.

Here is the police version as communicated by Inspector Helen Cryer to various persons assumed to represent Critical Mass: “It appears that people, not normally involved in the ride, may have taken part and disrupted what is normally a peaceful and lawful event and in the name of Critical Mass.

The stupidity of this email is that it – quite deliberately (the police have been working with Critical Mass for years) – misunderstands what Critical Mass is: a gathering of cyclists, on their own terms, with a turnover of participants. Nobody I know in Critical Mass, and I know people who have been taking parts in years is blaming outsiders. they know very well that the attack on “peace” and “law” came from the Met.

In that context, it is good to see the Counter Olympics Network has called a solidarity meeting which is going to take place on Thursday 9 August at 7pm at Firebox, 106-108 Cromer Street, London WC1. All welcome.

Also note – a petition for the Critical Mass 182 here

And the eye-witness account here


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