Challenging myself


Ten weeks ago, I wrote that my target for this summer was to run half a mile in under 2 minutes 30 seconds. Now, as we’re reaching the end of the racing season, the goal remains tantalisingly distant. I’ve managed 10k in 51:31, 5 miles in just over 38 minutes, and (most pleasingly) a full mile in 5 minutes 52. Using an age-graded calculator, this seems to be the equivalent of about 2:38 for the 800m.

But I still seem to be suffering from a soleus injury, as I have most of the summer, and if anything it seems to be getting more rather than less sore. If I run again like I did last Saturday, I’d be finishing in a time like 3:15 or so: very much slower than I’d like to be.

So, to give my summer a final focus (and in sheer bloody-minded refusal to listen to my painful calf), I’ve decided to sign up for a late-season track race.  The Woodford Green & Essex Ladies evening meet take place next Tuesday, 21 August, and includes an 800 metres.

It appears to be raced in four different standards – including (from previous years’ results) a healthy sprinkling of youngsters aged under 14 who will be running faster than me.

Any readers of this blog are very welcome to join me there.

You know in advance how slow I’ll be.

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