Bye, bye all – see you in a bit


I will be away from work, computers and Facebook [and even the web] for about a week. If you find this page while I am away it must mean that one of the following predictions has come true:

1. The Coalition has abolished benefits: not housing benefits, council tax benefits, legal aid … just each, every and all social “benefits”
2. On passing its first 10,000 advance registrations, the People’s Assembly has booked the 100 bedrooms of Buckingham Palace as break-out rooms
3. Channel 4 news has revealed that there has indeed been a war between rich and poor, between black and white, between the man and the woman
4. The rapidly growing movement for gay marriage in America has smashed head-on with the rapidly growing movement in France against gay marriage. The Atlantic ocean is now a perfect pink
5. The Dow Jones industrial average has passed 15,000
6. The grumpy Professor has fallen below 5,000 Facebook friends
7. Dave Widgery, Joe Strummer and Alexandra Kollontai have been reincarnated and are planning to go on tour together

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