On blogging, not blogging and the SWP crisis


The purpose of this blog is to join up some thoughts I have had on politics and on running. Any occasional readers will have spotted that in recent weeks, it has been relatively quiet. Part of the explanation is as follows. For much of that time, my party has been caught up in a bitter, factionalised row which began when a woman member made a complaint of rape about another comrade. If you “really” don’t know the story, Jim Jepps has been keeping on compendious notes on who exactly has said what and where about it online.

I’ve been finding it difficult to write about the connection between running and politics, when my views on politics have been going through an intense period of re-appraisal. At the end of it, it may well be that I decide that everything I thought before was good and right and true; it’s just that I’m not prepared to conclude that without having gone through a brief period of what EP Thompson once called “Reasoning”.

In the last 10 days or so, I’ve published a number of posts of my own on Facebook. A friend and comrade of mine in the SWP pointed out what I supposed is obvious to everyone else, that there is not much point posting them only on Facebook, as quite a number of people who have email, the web, etc, are quite sensibly not online there.

Accordingly, I thought it would make sense to post them here too. After all, they were openly posted on Facebook, as “public” documents which anyone else could have circulated of they so wished, and for all I know they have probably been doing so already.

This isn’t the ideal place to be posting them; I’m wary in particular of the blog lurching too far from its original purpose. As you’ll see from the last one, I’ll be going on holiday later today, and when I’m back, I’m hoping to keep up the original mixture of running and politics …

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