Calling any socialists with 1-2 hours spare time on their hands


Would you be interested in helping to put together a book celebrating Dave Widgery’s journalism?

A group of Widgery’s friends, family and admirers are collecting Dave’s articles, with the view to bringing them out in a fresh collection. We have about 60 pieces that we would like to use. They have all been scanned in a pdf format. Unfortunately, few of the scans are of sufficient quality so that we could just paste them into a fresh file. Many were printed in magazines of the 1960s, in black ink on all sorts of colour backgrounds. All need re-typing, some need data entry almost from scratch

Would you be interested in helping to type them up? We can’t offer anything more by way of compensation than the buzz of immediate access to some of the most compelling writing of the recent British left. We would also ask – if you did want to get involved – that you respected “movement copyright” (“copyleft”?) and didn’t repost the articles anywhere, at least not until they were in print in the book. If you are interested, send me a message at davidkrenton [at]

UPDATE (2 May 2013) Thanks to everyone for the fantastic response to my original post; I’ve been bowled over by how many people have come forward with offers of help. Just to say that I have now divided up the articles for circulation and they should be going out (fingers crossed) this afternoon. There are enough volunteer typists, and all the articles I’ve got are taken. In due course I may need extra people either as a) reserves (in case anyone finds that the work is more-time consuming than they’d hoped and has to back out) or b) as proof-readers rather than typists. But, for the moment, there is no need at all for anyone else to volunteer.

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