On not blogging, blogging and the SWP crisis…


Four weeks ago, I wrote a short piece explaining that I would start to put on this blog a series of posts, taken originally from my Facebook page, in which I would comment on the SWP crisis and the light it has shone on the ways in which my party has drifted into some pretty strange ways of doing politics. I needed to reappraise things a while; or, as I said then, “Reason”.

This was never the ideal place to post those thoughts; this is supposed to be a running blog. Even four weeks ago, when I began reposting articles here, I was thinking of returning sooner rather than later, to the blog’s original mix of running and politics …

Well, now seems as good a time as any to resume. My plan now is (for a period of time) to restore this blog to its original mix. I won’t stop posting about the party crisis, but it won’t be my only theme.

Normal service resumes tomorrow.

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