Trotskyist miler of 2013*


This is to advertise that on Sunday 26 May, probably at around 9.30-10 am, at St James’ Park, a group of runners (all members of the SWP or the International Socialism Network) will be running, competitively, to determine which of us had the right perspective over the last six months. My fellow runners will be John Game, Sam Jam, Mark Bergfeld, Robin Burrett, Alexis Wearmouth and Ian Stone.

The organisers describe the event, rather grandly as the “Senior British Athletics 1 Mile Road Championships”. Sadly the race is sponsored by a company which exists in order to take money out of the NHS, but I am sure that we could combine running with some modest “ad-busting” (if any readers have any practical ideas as to how to do this, please share them with me)

More details here:

*(The title, I admit, probably sounds a bit dry. I have also been lobbying for “Nietszchean Leadership Superhero of all time”, although sadly I gather this is copyright to the Counterfire group…)

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