There are two Trotskyist Miler races


Dear comrades,
It is with deep sadness that I have to report a split within the organisers of Sunday’s event, “Trotskyist miler of 2013” also known as “Nietszchean Leadership Superhero of all time”. Until today, the organisers had been proposing a single, united race, which would bring together the best running elements of the IS tradition. I have to report that this is no longer possible.

After a brief period of discussion, on what some, unreliable, comrades will no doubt claim was a secret Facebook list, it has become clear that the majority of participants simply forgot to send off their forms for the main race. Let me take this opportunity to at least refute the scandalous rumour, being circulated by comrades who have been in the party for many years and should known better, that it was Mark Bergfeld who forgot to send of the forms. It was not just Mark Bergfeld, comrades. He sent his form off, it was everyone else who forgot.

Accordingly, a large majority of participants (to be henceforth known therefore as “the Mensheviks”) have rescheduled the race as follows. It will now take place as follows: at 12 noon on this Sunday at the running track a Finsbury Park, with the IS tradition represented by John G (IS N) David R (SWP), Alexis W (SWP), Robin B (SWP), Arnie J (SWP) and Søren G (Posadist)

A smaller group (to be known henceforth as “the microfaction” or “the only true Bolsheviks”), will be running first at 9.30 as originally planned, and then again at 12. They are Mark Bergfeld (SWP) and Sam G (ISN) You may well feel comrades that such over-enthusiasm (two races in one day!) deserves your contempt. But we in the majority would remind you that we are all rebels…

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