Socialism from Below


Many thanks to the good folks of the Association of Musical Marxists for bringing out this book in time for Marxism. It will be on sale – definitely – at the AMM stall, in Marxism, albeit on the Saturday only. I hope it will also be on sale at Bookmarks throughout the event, and, if you can’t see it on display there, it couldn’t hurt, could it, to ask?

It’s a pity having to do this but before anyone pretends to you that I think factional intrigue is far more important than building working class resistance to austerity, this has been my day so far. In court all morning; speaking to Tithi Bhattacharya’s MA students from the US this afternoon on the Battle of Cable Street and how to fight fascism; and this evening, a meeting for a Unite branch on what to do about the small hell which is the Tribunal’s employment law changes. It really is this simple. You can be passionate about democracy in the movement *and* fighting the cuts. In fact, if you aren’t passionate about the former, the truth is, you’re probably not going to be doing the latter very well either (if at all).

A last thought. When Mark Thomas told the NC on Sunday; “the faction have given up on Socialism from Below”, I don’t know think he was expecting this quick an answer… We haven’t.

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