Blair Peach remembered



As friends may know, I have been doing some research for a writing project looking again at the death of Blair Peach. As part of that, I would be interested in speaking to anyone who has documents from Southall – photographs, diary entries, maybe rare leaflets or newspapers. Obviously, I’ve read through all the national newspapers for their account of the demonstration,  and all the local newspaper coverage as well. There were in addition 2 NCCL pamphlets, and a leaflet by the Friends of Blair Peach committee published in 1979-80 (I’ve got all of them). But what I’m much more interested in is ephemera – badges, posters, leaflets, stickers, photographs of Southall or diary entries which readers may have.

Here for example is a short extract from the RAR leaflet “Southall Kids are Innocent”: ‘Southall is special. There have been police killings before … But on April 23rd the police behaved like never before … The police were trying to kill our people. They were trying to get even with our culture … What free speech needs martial law? What public meeting requires 5,000 people to keep the public out?’

If you have anything which you think might interest me, drop me a line in the comments or at my email address which is davidkrenton at gmail.

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