Blair Peach in the press: “riot death cops find cosh” (8 June 1979)



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A raid of the lockers of SPG Unit 1/1 in June 1979 discovered a number offensive weapons, which were not police issue: including a leather covered stick (PC Greville Bint), two knives (PC Woodcock), a very large truncheon (Inspector Hopkins), a crowbar, a metal cosh, a whip and a whip handle (PC Raymond White).

In the inquest that followed, considerable publicity was given to the reports of two pathologists which appeared to show that the weapon which killed Peach was more likely to be a cosh than a standard police baton.

Unfortunately, no tests were undertaken on the coshes found in June 1979, and in 2010 when last searches were made of remaining materials capable of supplying DNA, nothing was left which could have assisted identification.


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