Blair Peach: poet



Two poems and a prayer


Why does he beckon
With outstretched finger
To me?
Why do I stand,
Paralysed within my body
Trembling with fear
That sickens my stomach
Until I force myself
To turn away –
Head spinning –
And blindly vomiting
At heavy shadow
Which draws me once again
To my former spot.
For God’s sake leave me


I outrun pursuit
Desiring also
To outrun myself
But vainly I run
Knowing full well the end
Is far but near
Unattainable –
But forever seeking
I dare not stop
That if I do
Oblivion will swallow


Dear lord
Thank you for
My prosperity
And security
For my children
My wife –
The life
I do not deserve
But am forced to preserve
From the hour of my birth
Throughout my term on earth

first published in Argot magazine, May-June 1964

Peach is described in the contributors’ notes as follows: “Blair Peach is also a first year student at Victoria [University]. As well as writing and studying he works in a fire station.”

(with thanks to DM)

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