Blair Peach in the press: Paul Foot’s London Diary (15 June 1979)


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADouble click on image to enlarge

Paul Foot, writing in the New Statesman, was proud to have broken the story that the pathologists’ inquiries had showed that the weapon which killed Blair Peach was probably not a police truncheon.

Professor Bowen who carried out the original post mortem investigation into Peach’s killing, and Professor Mant, who carried out a subsequent post morterm on behalf of the family, both agreed on this. Mant noted that the blow had split Peach’s skull but not his skin and indicated that a blow from a truncheon would probably have split the skin. There had been just one, heavy, blow to Peach’s head, suggesting the use of a weighty instrument, but police truncheons are relatively light. He concluded that the blow could have been caused by any of a range of instruments, such as a lead weighted rubber cosh or a hosepipe filled with lead, or potentially a police radio.

This information significant because during the raid on the lockers of the SPG officers, Constable White had been found to possess a cosh, which he claimed to have acquired either as a gift during a visit to America in 1969 or “at a road block that as unit we had been conducting and after dealing with several cars it must have been dropped by someone … I don’t know who” (Cass, enclosures, pages 1097, 1023).


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