Chris Searle, ‘Poem for Blair Peach’



His was a precious, loving life.
He built his passion with great bridges
from the farthest islands of the southern seas
to the mist that clears in the classrooms of Bow –
Life was too short to stand injustice,
to stand the insults that he saw around him;
Human used as pawns
Humans named as the blame for the sorrow
that they themselves felt and lived!
He saw and lived oppression on his pulses –
Colours to him were beauty
not a form of self-made blindness!
The human is a beaming jewel,
from New Zealand to the streets of Southall
he shone with its brilliance!

You who seek to murder beauty – understand!
It rises with the dawn of every day
It stays and glows with the moon and the stars
It screams with the lungs of every new-born child
It reasons with the truth of every thinking human –
Never forget the blood that crosses oceans,
Blair’s brave heart swells to fill us all.

First published in Socialist Worker, 28 April 1979


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