Blair Peach in the press: “Southall gets a whitewash” (5 October 1979)



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While by October 1979, there was pressure on the police to identify the six officers who had been on carrier 1/1,  and one of whom had struck Blair Peach, killing him, in the Magistrates Court, it remained the case that anyone accused by the police was facing almost certain conviction.

According to this article, by David Ransom, writing in the New Statesman: “Last week [one of the Magistrates] Mr Canham astounded lawyers and onlookers by binding over two witnesses for £100 each, for a year. There were no charges against them, but Mr Canham said he was satisfied that they had been members of ‘that hostile crowd, and coming to court to excuse such behaviour justifies my binding you over.'”

Ransom, a member of the Friends of Blair Peach Committee, would later publish “License to Kill”, a pamphlet detailing the events of the Inquest and of the first year of the campaign to bring Peach’s killer to justice.


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