You are invited to: The Indignado Bolshevik Mile Race

Who: A select team of hand-picked athletes gathered from all corners of the political left

Where: Parliament Hill running track

When: 11am May 24

Among those running will be –

The Dynamiteer. Having escaped from his most recent trial by blowing a whole in a central London courtroom, S. Posadas is tipped to run the mile fueled only by a mix of TNT, RnB and energy drinks

The Revolutionary Tourist. Generally believed to be the inspiration of the Indigando Bolsheviks, Mark Beformistpunk was previously the leader of a student uprising, a Stalinist revival society and a Putin Beauty Salon. He is due to be leaving England shortly to run either a Portuguese peasant uprising or an SPD-funded thinktank in Berlin

The runners’ great rival Charlie Choonicos said, “This is what happens when you invite people onto the board of your SME in Vauxhall. First, they try to take over your place, then they ask the Indignado Bolsheviks to run a five minute mile on your record collection. Soon or later, you have to answer for every good deed you do.”

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