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  1. I agree with the general approach of Chris. But, at the risk, of being charged with implicit “Popular Frontism, I would urge the socialist groups, tyhe Radical Independence Campaign and the Greens to organise together an agreed list to fight the next Scottish election and to offer an electoral YES Pact with the SNP for an agreed number of seats. The SNP will do tremendously well next year but will be under huge pressure to tack to the right (vis and vis both London and business) and could even be tempted by a deal to keep the Tories in office in London in return for further special concessions for Scotland. It will be essential for the socialist voice to be strong enough and with public representatives to fight for a progressive alternative.

    • John, looking back on the referendum, and the good done by RIC, etc … Isn’t it right that the left benefitted from a degree of independence from the SNP? I’m thinking of say Common Weal, when they drew up tax plans – they didn’t have voters say to them “but you’re just cheerleaders for the SNP, if the Nats wanted to do all those things, they could have done some of them years ago”. If independence helped the left during the referendum why change now ?

      • I agree Dave. That is why I am worried about suggestions (notably from Tommy Sheridan) that the left should – subject to some unclear conditions – simply “vote SNP.” My proposal is for socialists, Common Weal, Radical Independence, Greens etc, to ensure that visible independence and presence in a new Scottish Parliament by coming to an agreement with the SNP in an agreed number of seats. If the SNP refuse – which is more than possible – then of course the left should stand in their own right in any case.

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