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Channel Four’s ‘Confessions of a Copper’, to be shown tonight at 10pm, is being advertised with an image of former Inspector Alan Murray once of the Metropolitan police’s Special Patrol Group, who was identified by Commander Cass in his report 1979 as a suspect for the killing of Blair Peach.

The OED gives several definitions of confession including, “The disclosing of something the knowledge of which by others is considered humiliating or prejudicial to the person confessing; a making known or acknowledging of one’s fault, wrong, crime, weakness, etc”.

Murray has spoken to the press before, and has always maintained his innocence. It will be interesting to see if he does use this occasion to say anything amounting to a confession.

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  1. Thanks for the prompt. Mr Murray said he had no recollection, the temporary amnesia defence – which isn’t to say he was lying, of course.

    Apologies if you’ve posted this earlier but the Community channel (Freeview, #63) had an informative docu on the Southall Youth Movement the other week. (What I saw was probably a re-broadcast.) ‘Young Rebels’ was made by local people, interviewing participants (mainly male) & covered the ’60s to the ’80s, including Blair Peach’s death. Interestingly the copyright says “The Asian Health Agency 2014”, & immediately above it the sole funder is identified: Heritage Lottery Fund. Was a condition of taking this money that others couldn’t be approached, such as the organised labour movement? (63′; unfortunately less than 600 views)

  2. Thanks Jara, that sounds suspiciously like a documentary which was mentioned when I last spoke on Peach. It was at Housmans bookshop, and a colleague was handing out free disks – so, at the very least, one ally of the labour movement (ie Housmans) knew about it and was circulating

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