As readers may know I have two books coming out in the next four months: Never Again, which is a history of Rock Against Racism and the Anti-Nazi League, and is published by Routledge next week, and the New Authoritarians, which is about the ways in which the contemporary far right differs, for example, from the global far right of the 1970s. That appears with Pluto / Haymarket, next April.

In the run up to the publications of these books, I’ve been doing a number of interviews with podcasts, and readers may enjoy either of the following:

This week, I’ve been on the Better Off Red podcast, talking about anti-fascism in the 1970s. (Link above).

I also gave an interview a couple of months ago to Novara Media, putting the rise of the DFLA in the context of how the far right has been growing internationally (Link below).

I hope you enjoy both of them.

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