The New Authoritarians: more interviews, articles


In case any friends have missed them, I’m sharing here links to a couple of interviews I’ve done in the last few days. One was for the anti-fascist magazine and podcast Hope not Hate, whose researcher Joe Mulhall and I discussed Trump, Le Pen, the European elections, how the content of the far right has been broadening, so that fascism becomes a small part, but also how and why that process might reverse in future:

Another was with US based broadcaster The Real News. It’s a shorter link in which I explain much more briefly difference between an electoral far right and fascism:

Here’s a link to a post I wrote for Jacobin on the EU elections – as a moment of stabilisation rather than breakthrough for the far right.

Here’s a 20-minute talk I gave at the Conference for the Analysis of the Radical Right – setting out the approach of The New Authoritarians – and how the right has been changing since 2016.

Finally, an interview with Gr Gary Null on the Progressive Radio Network:

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