The Olympics are a windfall for the privileged: construction companies (who have been bloated by building contracts worth £12 billion), the organisers (16 of whom are on salaries of over £150,000 per year) and East End landlords, who have used the Games to evict thousands of tenants. They have seen an unprecedented militarisation of London. But the Olympics are also a site of struggle both on and off the track.

I will be speaking about the Olympics and about my book Lives; Running at the following venues:

Institute of Historical Research, 25 June, Senate House, 5.30pm

Rich Mix, Bethnal Green, 27 July, 7pm

Housmans bookshop, 8 August, 6.30pm

As well as at meetings in Haringey, Waltham Forest and Kingston. Email me at davidkrenton[at] for more details.

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  1. how do we find a listing of the USA atheltes who competed in the 1936 anti olympics? Our father was a high jumper on that team.

  2. It’s difficult. You have to remember that the 1936 workers olympics never took place – they were cut short by Franco’s rebellion. So there won’t be a list anywhere of medalists, etc. A decent place to start might be the opening of any history of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade or of the International Brigades (of which it was the US part); the earlier members of the Brigades were athletes stranded by the civil war that followed Franco’s uprising

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