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Injured; again


Running on Wednesday, I felt a sudden tear in my right calf muscle. In theory, it should not have happened as I had warmed up sufficiently (or as much as I usually do). While I was running relatively quickly, doing a personalised cross between fartlek and interval training, I was not running further or faster than I have been for several weeks. The day was warm and the ground dry. I was running on park paths, dirt and gravel. My body did not feel tight but loose.

As I wrote a few days ago, I have long had a weakness in my left achilles tendon. It goes back to my first year as a runner, and possibly years before that. I can’t help but feel that in some way my body was compensating for that injury, shifting the pressure subtly from one foot to another, and it was that false realignment which caused the injury. 

It comes at a bad time; I had been hoping to run a 5k this Saturday, and build up from there to running again with friends. From all sides meanwhile I hear of runners’ plans: a half marathon in Cambridge, a marathon in Vienna, 76 miles for Hillsborough Justice.