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July 27: cycling to the Olympics



“Kaspar Freundlich invites cyclist, skaters, sound systems et al to celebrate
the London 2012 Olympics with a Slow Motion Event starting from Parliament
Square at 8.15 am on July 27 after listening to the Special Big Ben 42 Special Chimes at 8am, and planned to arrive at the Olympic park by 8.12pm ( 20.12 ) in time for the start of the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Such activities as using Olympic Lanes or occupying Mile End Park or other
locations overnight in preparation for the 12.00 Demonstration starting from
Mile End Park on Saturday 28th July are up for discussion, as are all other

[Editor’s note: this message has been widely circulated around activist networks; I believe the “am” and “pm” times are intended to be accurate]