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Blair Peach: poet



Two poems and a prayer


Why does he beckon
With outstretched finger
To me?
Why do I stand,
Paralysed within my body
Trembling with fear
That sickens my stomach
Until I force myself
To turn away –
Head spinning –
And blindly vomiting
At heavy shadow
Which draws me once again
To my former spot.
For God’s sake leave me


I outrun pursuit
Desiring also
To outrun myself
But vainly I run
Knowing full well the end
Is far but near
Unattainable –
But forever seeking
I dare not stop
That if I do
Oblivion will swallow


Dear lord
Thank you for
My prosperity
And security
For my children
My wife –
The life
I do not deserve
But am forced to preserve
From the hour of my birth
Throughout my term on earth

first published in Argot magazine, May-June 1964

Peach is described in the contributors’ notes as follows: “Blair Peach is also a first year student at Victoria [University]. As well as writing and studying he works in a fire station.”

(with thanks to DM)

Poem for the London Olympics


I believe in sport, in the chance it gives
To escape our cramped lives, to breathe deeply
To quit our towns of low plastic celilings,
Our days plugged in, without direct sunlight.

Standing tall, my back  straight, my head forward
I live. I steady myself and prepare
To spring forward: to move, and see anew
Parks, paths, flowers in an urban setting.

But you; who paint the worst polluters green
Who block my routes, who fence open spaces
For the private joys of spies and thieves

You, who bring rifles, jets, navy frigates
Armed police, to my London that was ease,

You have no right to speak in sport’s free name.