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Blair Peach in The Listener


On the first anniversary of Peach’s death, New Zealand’s Listener magazine (imagine a cross between the Guardian Weekend magazine and the Radio Times) published the above, detailed account of his life and death, complete with a number of interviews both from Peach’s youth and from Southall.

It includes an interview with Parita Trevidy, a British-Indian Southall resident:

“Southall is ours. For us it’s one place in England where we know we’re relativel safe because we’re among our own people. It’ slike you going back to New Zealand. We came here for a better life. But now we face racism of the worst sort, from the state, in the form of police brutality, indiscriminate violence from the police force, such as happened on April 23. That’s why Blair Peach died. He was in the firing-line, so to speak, between the police and us.”

There are also interviews with Blair’s teachers, school friends, etc

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