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Running for Rosa



Three fellow Trotskyists (Amy Gilligan, Jeff Webber, Robin Burrett) and I met up to run a 5k this morning around Victoria Park for Rosa Malloy-Post, hiker, mountain biker, skier, climber, nursing student who was paralysed in a climbing accident in May. She is dreaming of driving, hiking and competitive mountain biking again, while struggling with the privatised American health care system which loads much of the cost of complex health care onto patients themselves.

Jeff was also the first home in 22 and half minutes, which he managed to do without breaking sweat, while – at the same time – giving an impromptu talk on the class struggle in post-Chavez Venezuela. The rest of us struggled in about a minute behind.

The run was inspired by a 10k run by the Marxist economist Dave McNally in Canada.

We took £180 on the day for Rosa; and then most of us went off to Trafalgar Square for the demonstration against attacks on Syria.

Rosa’s friends and family are still raising money towards the costs of her medical care which are likely to run to around $75,000 in the first year alone. Please donate here: http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/rosa-we-have-your-back-/61198.