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Rolf Harris is Guilty



One theme running through the evidence given by the the women assaulted by Rolf Harris was the destructive effect his behaviour has continued to have on their lives. One witness Tonya Lee descried suffering anorexia and bulimia after being grabbed by Harris. She said that after being assaulted by Harris she had considered killing herself. A second woman, 11, when Harris kissed the inside of her mouth, told the court that she cannot bear now to be kissed in that way, not even by her husband. The principal complainant, 13 and happy at the time when Harris began abusing her, described feeling panic afterwards, and drinking gin to hide her feelings. She was an alcoholic by her 20s…

Harris fought his trial in the newsrooms as well as in the court. He appointed Margaret Thatcher’s former publicist Abel Hadden to advise him on press strategy. And his defence seemed to have been planned with more than half an eye on how it would play outside court. The trial judge allowed Harris, on the first day of his evidence in chief, to impersonate a didgeridoo and a wobble board and to sing his 1965 song, Jake the Peg. Few people other than celebrities are allowed such freedom to perform under oath. Harris attended court daily, presenting himself to be photographed with his wife Alwen and his daughter Bindi.

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