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Today I am blogging in solidarity with…


Cat, who was dragged to the dole office on the Saturday of the Luton anti-EDL demo, in order to be “offered” job seekers’ allowance plus vouchers (but no additional wage) for 8-hour days working for Transport for London in Stratford

The many London school children who took part in Olympics competitions in return for the promise of free Olympics tickets, only to find that the tickets never materialised

The East London residents who find that missiles have placed among the flats in which they live

The Leyton Marsh jogger whose favourite routewas built over to make way for a basketball practice area, ruining her and her neighbours’ green space when half a dozen sports stadia in the vicinity are empty and could have been used

The several hundred, if not thousands, of London tenants who have been evicted from their homes so that their landlords could cash in on an Olympics bonanza

Students set home early by UEL so that their rooms can be requisitioned for the games

Everyone who will be arriving at work late during the Olympics

And all my friends (wrong as they are for doing it) who will be leaving London rather than endure this mess