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Things that need writing…


Saturday July 14 will see the next mobilisation of the Tommy Robinson fan club in central London; large parts of the left have settled on a (perfectly sensible) plan to confront him, i.e. to attend the anti-Trump protests and to seek to persuade as many of the participants as possible to turn out the next day against Tommy. Over the next few weeks I’ll post material in support of that approach – explaining what sort of movement this is on the right, why the convergence of electoralism (UKIP) and non-electoralist bits of the right (the causals) is possible, and what I think the strategy of the organising core is. I’ll also try to explain why the mobilisations on the left have been so painfully small and why (irrespective of what happens on 14 July) a new anti-fascist politics and new organisations are urgently needed. Unlike the rest of the left, who have rushed out hot takes – many of them with a pretty poor sense of who the forces are that we are facing (Nigel Farage supports Tommy? No he doesn’t…) – I won’t rush to produce these articles, probably most of my pieces will appear in the last week or so before we get to July 14. If anyone is interested in what I write and wants to help out – contact me.